I does see ting, oui? Nowness, a social media outlet on FB, decided to post this nonsense entitled Stella Schnabel Gets Down to their FB page with the caption, “Dance Lesson –– Tease out your inner dancehall queen”.

Look, I couldn’t even fucking laugh it was so bad. Inside so me get irritated in one.

On their site, there is an ‘extended version‘ of this rubbish.

My official comment on the thread:

Now here’s some cultural appropriation for you. If you could feature this ridiculousness “Nowness”, editorially I am speaking now (from one editor to the next), and not the real dancehall queens, you’re helping in that appropriation.

This would get her laughed out of a rural backadey country school’s fete to raise money for the agricultural class’s chicken coops. Well maybe not ‘laughed out’, we’re too loving a folk for that, but she’d win no contests I’ll tell you that.

This is not ‘dancehall queen’ anything coming out… It looks more like what we call ‘dropsy’.

This is an example of how a white woman could pick up something, suck badly at it, and get featured for it, just because she’s white and ‘doing something different’. Meanwhile the real dancehall queens would never, ever, see the hallowed hallways of your video page on FB.

You pulled a Beiber-Sorry on us… a whole video of dancehall light and not black girl in sight.

Really, ‘Nowness’? Really.

You need to know every Caribbean woman who ever grew up pelting waist is sideeyeing this and you.

And I bet she is raking in dough teaching other white girls to ‘wine spiritually’.

All now I wish Facebook had a : longwetduttysteupse : reaction option.

UPDATE: I published this post less than two hours ago, and “Nowness” has removed the video from their facebook page. Thankfully, I followed my mind and preserved everything I said here. The ‘extended’ version of the rubbish is on their website linked above.

I am now doubly furious because Nowness is refusing to own their bullshit, because they couldn’t control the narrative on Facebook, but their comment box on the post is registration only, and filled with comments praising it. (One brother represented.)



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