Nicole Tempro shared the most beautiful story with me today. Nearly made me fall off my ass! Then I burst into happy tears.

My Sun has been going by her house everyday and telling her she’s beautiful, making her smile, sharing, loving her dog, and has been a bright spark in her life. She literally BLEW me away with her story… and when she got to the part where I realised she was talking about DAYO, MY popo, I couldn’t contain it.. we were both in tears in my inbox.

As a mother, it made me so unspeakably happy to know Lord Shorty is out there shining his light… and it’s who he is.

Nicole didn’t even know he was my child until last night.

Nicole girl, that same kinda loving, compassionate energy he’s shown you, is what he’s been showing me all his life. Thank you for sharing your story with me. Thank you for reflecting back to me all that I know is special about my pickney… Thank you.

You literally changed the meaning of this day for me forever. It’s no accident you told me this on the anniversary of my twin’s death. It’s complete shifted the energy of this day. So despite today being a sad day for me and having me feeling real ‘off’, it was also one of the happiest days of my life, because my whole womb is vibrating with love for the human being I made.

So what else we celebrating? Give me some good news! I need it today!!!

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