Skin Care Planning: Ebony’s Sun Butters

This is put together by my sistren @Ebony Cecelia who runs Ebony’s Sun Butters. Ebony has been making these butters and skin care products for a few years, and me, being a faithful groupie of hers, I’ve been tracking her progress. 

I’ve been longing to try some of her stuff, every new product she announces makes me go, “Oh yum!”. While I don’t have acne, I’ve noticed my skin changing over the last few years and want to up my skin care to combat it as much as possible. So reading the description for this kit and it’s ingredients, my skin said to me, “I want that!”  

I guess the day was coming, I’m in my 40s now and that near perfect skin I enjoyed until I was in my late 30s definitely needs some help now. My skin simply needs more care and attention now as my years increase. I am dead certain this Acne Combat Kit will work for me even though I’ve not got acne.

This kit is multi-product for a multi-step process, and includes charcoal, pink clay based mask, and a tonic for toning after. 

When I get this kit I will do a full review with pictures and results.

Stay tuned!

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