Back in July 2015, I was facing a personal bottom. I was living with my son in a garage (literally, old iron, cars, rusting hulks, oil & dirt, the works) with no secure walls, and a roof that leaked in a thousand thousand places and rain water that poured in on us from four sides.

We had no running water, no working toilet, no money, hardly any food, and I was still waiting to get onto the welfare program. We had every bug, wild cat, grass snake, wild dog, manicou, mouse… literally, we were exposed and vulnerable and had already been through more turmoil and tumultuousness than you can imagine. We’d been cast out, homeless, sexually abused, preyed upon, marginalised, ignored, mocked.

I remembered something one of the Iyas had said, “Orisha is for when you have nothing.”

I took part of my meager grocery money and bought what I could, and me and Malena Figueroa and the children headed to Mayaro in the south of Trinidad and Tobago.

Malena, who was my true soldier during those days, took all these photographs.

I’ve been learning video editing over the last six weeks. I’ve been learning how to tell my stories visually. This is my second project. Do you like it?

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