Back in early 2005, I had one of the most beautiful moments with one of my heart-sisters Giselle sitting at her living room table in her flat in Fulham.

We’d been laughing for hours by this point, ribs hurting and eyes watering at 1:30am in the morning.

The conversation turned serious. We were talking about the African Traditional Religions, and she told me her sister Gabrielle, who is a fashion designer, had worked on a collection inspired by Voudun, and had done all this research. We spoke very passionately sharing our thoughts on the subject.

She said Gabrielle changed her life, because she shared what she had found. She said she understood what had been stolen from us as a people here in the West and we went on to make some comparisons and observations re: Christianity. She said something about Voudun that has remained like a grain of sand that has pearled itself it my mind over the years.

She said, “They made us feel it was the devil, but it was us and God together. It was our religion.”

Why it should have stayed with me in this fashion, I can’t quite say, but as I watch this video, it’s her I’m thinking of. Her and Gabrielle.


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