“Jonathan Pie” (a.k.a. British comedian Tom Walker) is a fictional character. This is satire. Many people in the US don’t know or get this, because they have little to know interaction with British culture, but Jonathan Pie is a character. However, for MANY folks on this side of the pond, he’s realer than real. For them, Tom Walker disappears and all they see is Jonathan Pie. Anyhoo…

Tom Walker’s Jonathan Pie character is a left-wing fictional television reporter. Several of his clips, which shred the duplicity and mendacity of British politics and media, have gone viral over the last few years. The set up is always that he’s ‘caught off air’ and is ‘really expressing himself’.

He’s made some very funny fucking videos I am inclined to co-sign on the dotted line. He has makes some astute observations over the course of the last year or so about the whole Teeny Hand Cheeto Man debacle.

However, this… this truly is epic.

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