When Dayo was in the belly, I listened to a lot of classical music. When he was a baby, Motzart and Delibes became part of his nighttime routine.

He began to ask for it by the time he could talk… Now, he is ten.

I called him this morning, to find him listening to Four Seasons by Vivaldi. He had a ‘mix tape’ with Vivaldi as a smallie, but it surprised me that he was keeping up this taste in music.

I took a moment to be proud of him… Because a ten year old with a jones for classical and trap music is already on the right track in my book.

He says the best part of having his own computer is getting to listen to the music he likes… And he is clearly a classical lover like his Mamita.

It just impresses me to no end that he chose this music for himself… And clearly prefers it. Like how many 10 year olds do you know that do that?

Moments like this, I have an opportunity to marvel at the human that lived inside me.

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