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This episode is one of the best of the season, the writing and tension superb. There is not a single extraneous or wasted scene or moment, and the focus on the story unfolding remaining very sharp.

The salvage mission on the the Anubis by now feels familiar, but I’m glad it’s the crew of the Rocinante doing the blowing up rather than running. What they uncover of course are more questions, and almost few answers.

The moment the crew of the Rocinante and Miller meet up in the Blue Falcon, in search of Lionel Polanski, is one of the high points of this season, and one that still thrills me although I think I’ve seen this episode three times at this writing.

Somehow, and there’s a little voice that is telling me this, they will be together for a minute.

One has to feel some type of way for Miller. His heartbreak at finding his answers is heart wrenching. This is some major turning point for Miller. I’m not certain what is coming for him, but Julie Mao will be for him, what the Cant is for the crew of the Rocinante, and maybe for the whole solar system. Either way, this looks like kismet. Never mind the whole, “touch me again and there’ll be another body on the floor,” bit. It looks like kismet.

One of the things to appreciate with the season winding down, is how it has used detail and visual textures to build a convincing world and story. The little clues we’ve been getting are beginning to add up.

Listen, I am really digging Amos. He’s the last of the Rocinante crew that I’ve gotten attached to, but I am really digging him.

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