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This show from beginning to end, was not what it appeared. I continue to give Brit Marling mad props for the writing of this story, because while the episodes didn’t follow an ordinary format, but a specific arc in the story, the eight episodes felt like long low budget independent film, that managed to beautifully mash several genres together.

Some of the critics have been unnecessarily harsh in its dismissal of many of it’s themes as merely ‘new-agish’, but I found the storytelling to be consistent throughout the entire clutch (I really dislike calling it a ‘season’ when it streams on Netflix or is a whole season available for watching via another service) of episodes.

As I have previously noted, this is the kind of story that could only have been facilitated by a streaming service, because it mostly abandons traditional television storytelling, and it works.

As for the characters, I was proud like I did something in the last ten minutes of the episode, with a little eye water to boot. The disparate threads of this story came together beautifully, and the acting was consistent in the last few episodes.

It is well worth a binge watch, but I am glad I dragged it out a bit. Highly recommended.

Will there be a second season? It seems almost certain. God help us, we wait long periods between them on Netflix, which appears to have a much longer release cycle than regular network television. However, the quality of the recent productions proves they tend to be worth the wait. I only had an inkling about this one, but it turned out to be well worth the weirdness of the pre-release pump.

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