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This episode is a bridge. It cements the link between all six of the group, it creates a fundamental break between The OA and her parents, while at first seeming to forge it.

Brit Marling continues to be exceptional in her performance, and in the writing of the screenplay. Although we have no Dastardly Hap to hate, we find ourselves losing some sympathy for Nancy, and gaining immense respect for ‘BBA’, who not only goes to mat, she puts everything she has on the line for Steve.

Steves breakthrough, while at first seeming to be a betrayal, allows The OA to really shine.

I love seeing the team learn the five movements, and how naturally Steve learns the movements, similar to the way The OA and Homer form a strong understanding around the first two movements.

I am deeply impressed with this show. I understand there are some folks who apparently don’t ‘get’ it. It’s ok. Those of us that ‘get it’, ‘get it’. It’s just not for you. It’s clearly for us.

Exceptional episode, that perfectly preps for the finale.

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