The OA 1×06 “Forking Paths”



By far the most illuminated episode of the season thus far. Clearly they are now working hard to get the fifth movement, they’re to the point where they want the experiment and are participating, but the dread of Hap finding out becomes now possibly the thing that’s holding them back.

Jason Isaacs plays Hap with an almost palpable sense of his rationalisations for his psychosis. Yet, without him there would be no story, right?

The OA continues to show her grit and determination, Homer continues to be the other focal point. Yet, the other three… we get almost nothing about them other than Hap’s machinations to enslave Renata in the last episode, and we’re two episodes from the end of this season (or whatever the hell Netflix calls these binge watches) my point is, the other three are still sketches.

Still, it’s hard to fault the story. The pacing is excellent and remains consistent through all the episodes I’ve seen so far, and I am really enjoying Brit Marling’s performance. She wrote this character for herself and it shows just how deeply she is into the work that The OA is really all you see on screen. I’m very impressed with the way she’s built this story, and the execution, although it’s not flashy, it’s really well done.

With two episodes to go to the close of this clutch of episodes (I like ‘clutch’ better than ‘season’ for Netflix stuff), I’m very much curious to see how this comes to a close, and if we will be tortured for another season, the way we’re being tortured for more Sense8 episodes.

Still, what a treat this has been to watch.

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