The OA 1×05 “Paradise”

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆


Hap is monstrous for what he’s doing to these people. Homer (Emory Cohen), is tragic, sad, indeed Homer being the lynchpin and Hap mercilessly using him to manipulate the others, break the trust between them… just ugh! Jason Isaacs is doing a magnificent job of making me loathe this character.

The OA is amazing. She’s amazing. The ‘movements’ and the celestial portal… yeah, I’m down. I get it. I SCREAMED when I got it!!!! And regardless of what he’s done, Homer remained a soldier and a believer in what they were doing.

Oh this show just slipped into a whole level of weirdness that I super appreciate. The OA, who as I previously noted, while appearing to everyone else to be ‘unhinged’, is proving to be a strong, tough, relentless pursuer and believer in love and freedom and truth. At the end of this episode, we see just how strong and truly powerful she is.

Oh my, what a good episode this was! Oh how I loathe Hap, but one has to ask this question: If we are working with the holographic universe model, and that which is observed changes to produce the effect that the observer requires, desires, or simply as a reaction to being observed, how much of what is happening with these five people is being made possible by the evil, twisted, horrible, disgusting, awful Hap Hunter?

Oh my… This is certainly one of the best written shows I’ve seen in awhile. As weird as the ride has been, it’s remained consistent and engrossing throughout.

I get how this would never have worked on network television, but finds a perfect niche with the Netflix crowd. Long live the Internet!

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