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Ah, gotta love those Donkey Balls.

While I am not precisely liking the dubious new addition to the ship’s complement, because he feels treacherous, he sure does come up with some good ideas.

This episode had some beautiful moments.

While I am still not enjoying Chrisjen’s wooden delivery of dialogue, I very much liked that we got to meet at least one of Holden’s parents. It would have been a bit more interesting if we had seen the whole unit of them, but who knows why production felt just his body-mother was required. Frances Fisher does a great job, making a meal of a small role, and we get a great look at Holden’s backstory. This late in the season though, I suspect we won’t get anyone else’s backstory until Season 2. I don’t know about you, but I am chomping at the bit to find out Naomi’s story.

Miller’s sad and wistful goodbye to Octavia, as he heads off into the black chasing Julie Mao; the tense but funny process of getting into the lockbox to find the black ops codes to evade the blockade, these both give us more character depth. Miller is turning into a different kind of man, and the Rocinante crew’s democratic, yet effective teamwork makes them a lot of fun to watch as they’re grinding through trying to get to the bottom of Lionel Polanski, the Scopuli and the Anubis.

I’m also enjoying the little things in the show: The Belter’s patois, although largely incomprehensible, is a nice touch that adds a lot of dimension to the Belter’s as an insular, underdog group. That they evolved their own language, says much for the alienation they must have to the rest of the solar system. Jared Harris as Dawes, has the most beautiful sing song thing going on, and it makes his character a much more seductive and enchanting force in the story’s play…

Regardless of the next few episodes, which i suspect will be relentless, Sy Fy has done a marvellous job of fueling this production. Despite a few obvious TV gaffs here and there, for the most part the show is really well put together, and the concepts, sets, action sequences and character development almost make you pause, because Sy Fy has gutted us more than once since Battlestar Galactica went off air. I say again, this is the best show I’ve seen on TV since BSG ended… and that Sy Fy is coming through for us, is something to celebrate.

This show is pure science fiction and it’s commitment to creating a believable story, is tremendous.

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