Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

Well ok! Now we’re getting somewhere.

Although, one could not reasonably expect all the answers in episode two, the second episode rapidly advances the story and we finally start to get a sense of why The OA is so seemingly ‘unhinged’.

At last, the ‘villain’ appears. I am also finding the growing byplay between the characters and their rough sketches interesting as well. We get only a little of that in this episode, but I am curious as to what their role is and why The OA needs them to be there. Brit Marling, who plays The OA, and produced, and mostly wrote, is doing an excellent job of conveying all of this character’s many textures. While she appears unhinged, she also appears perfectly calm, resigned, aware and purposeful.

I am absorbed as her five listeners to her unfolding tale, and while there are no bells and whistles, this is a story being told in performance and writing, I am immensely curious as to why Hap’s creepy serial killer like self is really about. As weirdness goes, this is not Twin-peakish, but it’s certainly weird-as-all-out in a very human kind of way.

On to the next episode.

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