Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

There I am, engrossed for nearly an hour in one of the strangest stories I’ve been told in a while, and THEN I see the open credits appear. That it came at a point in the story where the ‘weird’ turned up ‘extra’, I must admit, my jaw dropped for a moment. If for no other reason, I can say, I did not expect that.

For a first episode, this does very little in terms of telling us more than Prairie… my bad, The OA, is… well what is she? I don’t think any of us could guess from this first episode. The basic premise as it stands is: Blind girl disappears. Girl reappears with sight. She’s tapped into something we can’t see, but maybe some people can ‘feel’.

The way the narrative is built, the way it engages you in a subtle way… yes, let’s watch on and see where this goes, but as of this writing, I cannot guess as to what is happening.

This show is oddly creepy, but at the same time, inspiring…. I’d invoke ‘Twin Peaks’ but maybe it’s too soon for that.

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