The Expanse 1×05 “Back to the Butcher”

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

From last episode’s eye popping escapes, and amping up story wise, we come to this lovely little point in the tale.

Although it lacks the action of the previous episode, it provides this clever counterpoint theme around Miller’s lack of drinking and Holden’s hunt for a cup of coffee, which is perfectly expressed on Holden’s face during the final moments.

Our wider view grows of “The Butcher of Anderson Station” and what does and doesn’t lie in wait at Tycho Station grows, as does the newly minted crew of the Rocinante’s loyalties and clearly democratic structure. For now at any rate.

I do think Miller’s haircut is ridiculous, and his hat foolish, but there’s something dogged and admirable about his character regardless of his jaded anti-hero leanings. His now blatant adoration of Julie Mao is making him a better man already as is evident with his laying off the drink, and he’s on her trail still, getting closer and closer. Dangerously close, I’d say.

I continue to adore Holden’s stubbly jawbone, and crinkly laugh lines. Amos and Alex, I am also digging, and Naomi’s still so damn mysterious as any self-respecting woman should be, that it’s hard not to cheer and gasp at their twists and turns of fate. Despite last episode’s shocking kill off of Shed, I doubt we will lose any more of the survivors from the Cant, at least not this season. This is clearly the core group of antagonists.

All in all this episode tautly advances the story without ever slipping into exposition for it’s own sake. It maintains a tight focus on the next layer of the story, while the flashback elements are perfectly integrated, making it perfectly clear that our rag-tag band of survivors (get it!?) are nowhere near out of the woods yet.

This show gets better and better.

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