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As we say in Barbados, this episode ‘up de ting’. The last twenty minutes of this show was beautiful, organised chaos.

Again I am amazed by the production ethics of this show. The gritty ‘movie-like’ quality and pacing is wonderful, and this episodes twists were well executed.

I like that we get to see a little more of the Martians and the ethos, and the mysterious warship and it’s blue masked invaders, all deepen the mystery of what’s really going on. We see the hypocrisies and machinations of the Earthers as well as the set up for Belter culture.

We’re introduced to OPA head man, Frederick Johnson who has just the right amount of passion and cool nerve, and I am very amused at how he handled the Mormon representative. I am also deeply intrigued by their generational ship.

This episode gives us even more backdrop for the politics at play in the solar system, and nicely sets up the enduring loyalty of the survivors of the Cant. Bless Holden and his matinee idol jawline and pretty, squinty eyes and lovely pouty mouth. Yes, I had to point all of that out. I positively begs to be pointed out.

This episode was well acted, the action sequences were exceptional, the special effects were fucking EYEPOPPING,

It’s so nice to see the Sy Fy gave a show some budget and talent. I had given up hope after Battlestar Galactica left the air, but this show gets better, and this is my second time watching this first season.

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