Although the premise of the show was wearing thin with so little to go on in terms of why, this episode is frustrating in you get more with no concrete answers.

I adore the Reilly Dolman’s Phillip; his performance the most nuanced of the cast. He is so handsome in an off kilter manner, he is the only character I find engrossing.

Everyone else, and everything else on this show feels off. It’s almost like it’s trying too hard to be edgy, and without either the visual texturing or special effects to shore up some very obvious plot devices, I find myself wondering if I am going to make it through the rest of this season.

However, I am not a fan of procedural shows, and I know this is colouring my take on this. Either way, this show is lacking some kind of oomph.

Plus there’s the obvious question, “If they’re trying to save the world, and there are lots of teams running around surreptitiously working to do this, if they reach some critical mass event wouldn’t they and the technology they’re using all cease to exist? How would they ‘get back to their own timeline, or are all these people expected to be stranded where they are’?”

Time travel paradoxes are already popping up with this, and it’s episode five. I’m just not sure how much I can suspend my disbelief.

It’s engaging enough for me to see what happens in the next episode, but skating on thin ice. I’d still watch a dozen episodes of Quantum Leap, because I like my time travel with some real human connections. I like all my sci fi this way. This is what I think is missing in this show. It’s so busy with the premise, that there’s almost no real human connection. Either to the team we’re following, or with the mysterious ‘Future’, or with the people supposedly being saved.

Without that, I’m just not interested enough in anyone other than Phillip.

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