A big beautiful bullet-proof Black man in a hoodie is an inspiring thing to watch.

Although the storyline takes some paying attention to for its “Falcon Crest-like” twists and turns, this production was well made.

I’ve been a fan of the comics via my brother’s collection since I was a child, so it was a real pleasure to see this series pay homage to the comics and stay very true to the origins. However, it didn’t surprise me, last year’s Daredevil was spot on. All of Marvel’s cinematic jumps have been very ‘on’ of late. The partnership with Netflix is absolutely a good thing for fans.

This first season suffers with only a few flaws, some slow episode pacing, and some slightly cardboardy dialogue, however, it gets tighter as the season winds down.

Dawson and Colter are what makes the second half of the season ‘pop’, and the kiss at the end… oh yeah. #coffee.

Simone Missick is channeling Angela Bassett like a clairvoyant with her facial antics, but other than that this was a solid season. I give it high marks for it’s nostalgia and for the totally fall out laughing when Luke encounters a certain yellow shirt with no buttons and his tight blue pants.

Oh, a word on Theo Rossi and Alfre Woodard’s villany: #weirdshade ya’ll. #weirdshade

All in all: I am keen to see what happens in Season 2. I am ready for another season. I just finished 13 episodes, and I’m ready for another 13.

For those who never knew anything before this series:

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