Listen, everything in this picture has changed for me in the last 15 years. The cups, the coffee brands, the brewing apparatus, the kitchens, the people around me, the houses, the towns, the cities, the countries… The only constant, and I am convinced the reason why my daily #coffee ritual works, is #thespoon.

The spoon has travelled with me in six countries in the last decade and a half, and I swear to you that this is why the coffee tastes good. The spoon is magic. It is the perfect size… I know exactly how to measure with it, and despite the changes in everything else regarding this ritual, the spoon is the fundamental truth and grounding of the whole exercise.

I hijacked it from my Venezuelan abuelita’s house in in #trinidad in 2002. It’s got these delicate flowers and perfect taper for holding and leveraging. It’s a little warped now, God/dess alone knows how old it is. Well, She and my Aunt Claudette. : sideeye :

I will go back for the spoon… I will always go back for the spoon. I have turned back SO many times because I forgot the spoon, that I know make sure it goes into the jhagi bundle first. The spoon is #magic!

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