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Aysha Bee, one of our little sisters, is under attack from these ‪#‎Noteppers‬ here. Some of my other sisters on here have been bullied and harassed by these virulent, diseased minded, bottom feeding, toting feelings fasseyholes.

We’re talking about it.

This serial bullying going on. These simulated rape fantasies you have going on. The filth your minds produce and spill out on the rest of us unchecked. Yes. We’re talking. We’re getting hot, hot, hot.

If you are on my friends list here and you are in this group, now is a good time to unfriend me… because we’re coming for you. We’re coming for all of you CoonWatch mookum flaus.

All that fake Pan-Africanism, fake Khemetic posturing, violence and hatred against women, black women, talk won’t save you. Your mothers are coming for you, and de ass getting cut, left, right and center.


Ayisha Bee’s Original Post:

Okay I think that it is time I address this in full.

There is a miserable black male group on Facebook by the name of “CoonWatch 2016” and they spend their entire time bashing black women and trying to assert their dominance over black women.

It is led by a misogynist by the name of “Leonard Knight” who has personally bullied me both on my wall and on my inbox until I blocked him.

Now his allies have formed a team with the goal of stopping me from speaking out online.

More specifically, this group is obsessed with me and although I have all of the admins from that group blocked, they still can’t get enough of me. They stalk my page from several accounts. They send spies into my Facebook group to watch my posts, such as “John James” and “Jim Dean”. And they found me on absolutely every one of my social networking sites.

Literally anything I post, these people post it in their group less than a few minutes later.

All they do is discuss me daily.

I am a 20 year old black woman and I am THAT much of a threat to them that they have to use my existence to feel powerful.

Let’s tell the truth for what it is. These men are intimidated by me. I am doing something that they NEVER thought black women would do. I am speaking up for black women, and I am speaking out against the patriarchal misogyny in society. These black men want to keep their hold on black women so of course I am a threat to them.

Let’s be clear. They KNOW I am a powerful woman. They know it even if they deny it. They KNOW that I walk with other powerful black women and powerful black men. They KNOW that I speak 100 percent truth. They know that I am implementing change.

If they did not feel that I was a threat, why would they spend so much time obsessing over me and my movement?

These men watch my every move.

They even went as far as cropping my picture into a rape position to antagonize me.

Tell me what exactly are they doing for the black community when they have nothing better to do except for harass black women.

I am going to tell you straight like this.

I Am Aysha Bee. I Am ME. I Will ALWAYS Be ME.
And no matter what strategies you use to try to silence me, I will continue to speak.
You can say what you need to say about me. You can expose what you need to expose.

Because at the end of the day, I keep it REAL so what is understood does not have to be explained!

As a matter of fact, I want to thank you. You have motivated me to be even louder. Even prouder.

I am not in any way going to be controlled by a group of men who are terrified of other men and can’t hold each other accountable.

I will be who I was put on this Universe to be.
I will fight the fight I am meant to fight.

So keep making me the topic of your conversation. I love the attention because for every post you put about me, more powerful black people are coming out the woodworks and finding my page so we can build together!

The more you speak of me, the more my message spreads.

You are only helping me. Your harmful intent is only proving my point that many black men are the oppressors of black women.

Now if you will excuse me… I will continue to promote my message.


You have a wonderful night.

Aysha Mother Fucking Bee

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