I don’t gossip and don’t like gossipers. If we’re in a conversation and you start telling me other people’s business, then I will stop telling you mine immediately and keep our conversations as superficial as possible. It’s just smart and experience is the best teacher. Short of pedophiles and rapists, I loathe being around gossipers the most. It’s the hypocrisy of the thing… I just dislike it. I actually get itchy.

if you are relentlessly negative and resistant to encouragement I will lessen, reduce or eliminate my time with you. If I can’t do it immediately, I will plot like Mata Hari until it is a fait accompli.

If you are poisonous, it’s a no-brainer, NO, some more no, and no again.

I don’t listen to most artists released post-2005 because it’s not really much muse in that sick.

I enjoy my own company tremendously, and find it easy to entertain myself, but I love spending time with my friends that make me laugh until my ribs hurt. It’s the best medicine for everything.

I don’t let bitches in my house, and if they sneak in, I have no problem showing them the door.

I’m just saying: I’ve gotten to an age where engaging in silly shit or anything that doesn’t allow me to reach highest good and in concert with the glory of the Divine, then in my opinion, it could all miss me.

I’m not missing anything. Not missing you. Buh bye.

(What? What I say?)

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