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  1. Marvel’s Daredevil (Season 1) – Done

    I already wrote a review of this show here, but I couldn’t do this list without putting it RIGHT at the top, because other than Mr. Robot, this has been my pick of everything I’ve watched so far. I am eager for Season 2.

  2. Downton Abbey (Seasons 1 – 4 + Christmas Specials) – Done

    Oh I love a good period piece, and the costuming and storytelling on this one is just scrumptious. Was completely hooked on this. I love, love the writing, acting, and production quality on this show. I love the way it integrates a changing world into the story, and the growth of the characters. Really quite good!

  3. The White Queen (Mini-Series) – Done

    Although this is a flawed production–I had serious issues with all the fight sequences and all the battle scenes–the sets and costuming are exquisite. Other than that, the story (like one of my old faves The Tudors) are very interesting (and connected of course), as it is the tale of Wicked Henry’s rise to the throne, and then the great Queen Elizabeth I herself. The acting was quite good, and despite some departures from history here and there, it is a very well done production. I remained committed to the story right to the end. Except how they expected to fool us with 100 people in a battle sequence, is beyond me. All the fighting was very bleh.

Catch Up TV

  1. Grey’s Anatomy (Season 11) – Done

    Oh what a particularly heartwrenching season… McDreamy goodbyes brought up the eyewata, no lie. Meredith’s growth as a character was phenomenal this season, and despite the whole City of Angels thing that was going on there with McDreamy, I still felt it like a punch. Was such a good season, and this is impressive after 11 years of a show. Shonda Rhimes has got skills.

  2. Under The Dome  (Progress: S02E03 “Force Majeure”)

    I am still finding my way back into this story. It’s been a long time since I watched Season 1, so it’s taking me a minute to reconnect with the story. However, I loved the book, so I am curious as to just how intent they are on mangling it. I shall keep you posted of course.

  3. Son’s of Anarchy  (Progress: S01E10 “Faith & Despondency”)

    As this is a goodbye to one of my favourite shows, I have been finding every excuse to draw it out to the end by watching on a one or two episodes at a time. In any case, as Jax closes in on the truth about Gemma, I find it more and more painful to watch him agonising in this fashion. Also there is only so much gore I can handle at once, and of course, it’s Sons, so exceptionally gory swan song being sung. Ah Jax… you are breaking my heart, but I see where you are going.

Newly Addicted

  1. Mr. Robot (Progress: S01E09 “eps1.8_m1rr0r1ng.qt”)

    I cannot find enough superlatives for this show. Everything from the weird lighting, to the unbelievably accurate take on hacking and coding life, I find this one of the most compelling stories I’ve watched in years and years. I am not stressing this enough, but everytime I think the show can’t get weirder, it does, and I like it. I see a lot of my own computing life and aspirations in the tale. Plus Elliot is smart as shit… maybe too smart for his own good. I know how that is.

  2. Mr Selfridge (Progress: S01E05)

    Ahh… I love a period piece! The sets, costuming and amazing supporting cast really do soften Jeremy Pivens slightly off key and overblown pretentiousness. I find Agnes’s character to be the more interesting and she forms the real soul of the show. I am very much looking forward to watching it play itself out, and as I have a few seasons to watch, pretty sure I will have fuller comments for next months edition.


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