The Shore Fades Away

There are moments in my life, especially in the last nine months (interesting number and interesting connections for me), where I have heard clearly the Universe pushing me away from one state of being, and into another. Sometimes it is a subtle thing, but it is as often a very blatant, loud, sound that only an absolute fool would fail to see or ignore.

We talk about affirmation and manifestation, but pretend we don’t see it when we create our circumstances.

The Universe and I are in cahoots. We’re are co-creating together, and as uncomfortable as it makes me from time to time, the end results are always superfine and perfectly in accordance with Divine Mind.

That said, this morning I find myself pulling my hand slowly from the lion’s mouth and plotting an escape vector from something that has been a comfort zone, but an absolute trap, for many years. If life begins beyond our comfort zones, I’ve been ready to leave this one for a long time. My Georgie-bundle has been wrapped and ready to go, for a good long while.

The Universe is–at my repeated request–finally dialing down the knobs, setting the needles to zero and turning off the juice. Give thanks, I’ve been asking for release for a long time, and most unexpectedly (and in decidedly downbeat fashion as usual) the Universe is providing me with just what I asked for.

I am afraid. I am still leaving it behind, as it serves not my highest good, but the fear that keeps me back from the fully creative life I mean to live. My fear of the unknown doesn’t outweigh my fear of being stuck doing shit for the rest of my life.

I give thanks that God hears me. I give thanks She loves me enough to push me hard and gently wait for me to get it.

I got it. I got it. I got it. Let’s do this thing…

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