30 Day Sun Salutation Challenge, Day 45

30 Day Sun Salutation Challenge, Day 45: Done!

5 Complete Breaths, 5 Sun Salutations, 5 Moon Salutations (I am actually loving these more than the sun eh? Breath Body DANCE!), 5 Rishi’s Posture (I always think I’m not doing anything, UNTIL the last five reps, then oooh… those muscles talk to me), 10 Dancer’s Posture, 5 Roll Twists (Alternating sides), 7 Seated Side Bends (Alternating sides in Full Lotus), 5 Lions (Full Lotus w/extreme hold), 3 Alternate Leg Pulls (w/extreme hold), 5 Back Push Ups (w/extreme hold), 3 minute unassisted Shoulder Stand.


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