30 Day Sun Salutation Challenge, Day 33: Done!

5 Sun Salutations, 3 Moon Salutations, 10 Triangles, 10 Twists, 5 Back Stretches, 5 Shoulder Raises, 3 Locusts, 1 Head Stand (modified).


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Yoga Richard Hittleman

Excerpt from Richard Hittleman's 1970 TV series 'Yoga for Health' with Cheryl and Lynn.

I Was Yoga Before Yoga Was Cool

It has all been done before. Really think today's hipsters have originated today's Yoga craze? Think again, this guy was doing yoga before yoga was cool, and ...

Yoga for Health with Richard Hittleman

Opening section of one of Richard Hittleman's Yoga for Health TV programs from around 1970.

Richard Hittleman Yoga

Extract from Richard Hittleman's Yoga for Health filmed in London in 1970.

My Father was a Yogi

A documentary about Richard Hittleman.

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