Brilliant piece on what’s happening in Barbados right now:

The No Lie Zone: Taking Us Backwards – Robin Hood Budget (Bim in Tights)


Beautiful, beautiful Barbados.

Land of the apathetic workforce and the limited natural resources.

We import heavily just to eat;

The Government employs a majority of the population;

We rely, as a country, on the wholly unreliable industry of Tourism as one of our primary revenue earners; and

We don’t own a hard currency, meaning that for every Barbadian dollar entering circulation, 50 US cents must exist in our foreign reserves.

And yet in spite of these realities, a significant portion of Barbadians seemingly believed (until Tuesday last) that our Government could somehow continue to unconditionally offer free healthcare and free education for all time, as a wealthy oil-producing country would.

How do I know this? Simply because we just bore witness to an Election in which one of our two major parties announced its strategy early (prematurely?), telling Barbadians it could find ways out of the current economic situation BUT things would have to change.

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