The final line in this article by The Bajan Reporter, mystifies me:

“Will Freundel Stuart now strip the Cultural Ambassadry from the Combermerian embarrassment?”


Is it just me, or does the need to post this baffle you as much as me? Let me get this right:

Chris Brown is in a party somewhere, grabs a mic, riffs off Miguel’s “That Pussy Is Mine” and the writer’s suggestion/innuendo here is that the Prime Minister of Barbados strip Rihanna of her ‘ambassadorial’ status and duties, in a tone like Stuart has already taken too, too long to do it, and you know according to the snidely tacked on comment she is a–and I quote–Combermerian embarassment”?


Ahh, I may not be as old a journalist as some, oui? However, this is as stretched to make a connection–erroneous, sexist and mysoginistic as it is–as you can get and looks rather “yellow” from a distance. It’s like saying something, just to have something to say. The closer you get to this post, the more sure I am it needs to be declared “yellow” in journalistic parlance.

As a journalist, I find it difficult to find the linkages, back flips, contortions and square-peg-rounding required to arrive at Fruendel Stuart’s needing to strip Rihanna, or for that matter of Combermere being embarrassed, or the Combermerian in question being embarrassed by said ‘tirade’ by Chris Brown. I still maintain that Rihanna doesn’t have to give a shit one way or the other what The Bajan Reporter thinks about her or her life, and therein lies the problem with most Barbadian Rihanna-haters. She’s so far beyond the inbred pettiness of this place, that they just can’t seem to help themselves. They must tear her down in order to feel better about being stuck in this barrel of crabs…

Finally, declaring Rihanna a ‘Combermerian embarrasment’ borders on, and slips into the absurd, because Combermerians the world over will attest: We don’t get embarrassed like that. Which is part of the reason why we produce superstars… but that might be just me.

You know, the thing about posting in a blog is that there is a point at which you are either blogging in your voice, or just flicking making noise for no earthly reason other than for post volume. Which largely misses the point of blogging, but again, that might be just me.

I’ll tell you what’s embarrassing… for me personally anyway: A Caribbean site purporting to be a news source and trying to be taken seriously as such relying on TMZ for a lead on a blog post. The connective tissue here is gossamer thin my dears, and no amount of piggy-backing on Rihanna’s name and fame can give it any kind of weight or credence. This is embarrassing to me as a Combermerian and a journalist.

Ok. Yeah. Whatever.

P.S. This is not the first time the virulent tone of Barbadian bloggers in the anti-Rihanna league has turned me off, I just cannot find the connection here between Rihanna and Chris Brown in this piece. The Bajan Reporter post seems to be using the same sketchy, staticky connection TMZ used to justify posting this, as it’s own justification for posting (and indeed blowing up the story). I want to let it go, but it moved me to write this because no matter how I pull and stretch it, I can’t get over how offensive this post is on so many levels. So many bloggers and so few journalists.

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