Among one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Back in 2010, Marina Abramović, considered to be the ‘grandmother of modern performance art’, performed “The Artist Is Present”. It was an epic 736.5 hour long static, silent piece. She sat still in the centre of MoMA’s atrium while spectator/participants took turns sitting opposite her.

That’s the background of the show.

The background of this video, is really about the personal story between the two people at the video. 

The scraggy man at the end, is Abramović’s former lover and artistic partner. 

In the moment captured on video, they hadn’t seen or worked with each other in many years. This encounter, though silent, speaks volumes!

It is achingly beautiful and sad to watch.

In retrospective at MoMA devoted to it, documented in the film “The Artist is Present” (HBO Documentary Films) by Matthew Akers and Jeff Dupree, the Abramović remained for three months, impassive, sitting on a chair and turns visitors could sit in a chair fronte.Tra people who sat in front of the artist there was also his old partner, Ulay, who worked alongside Navy from 1976 to 89, separating from her with a busy performance Ninety-day walk to say goodbye under the great wall of China.

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