How is it that in the US and UK, indeed across Europe and the developed world, the ability for businesses to prioritise their web presence enough to dedicate resources to developing and maintaining their web sites is a given, BUT in the so-called developing economies of the Caribbean, getting people to focus on building a web site that is even marginally useful is like selling snow to eskimos?

Job searches for content managers in almost any state in the US turns a plethora of positions devoted to the one thing that makes web sites valuable. In the UK, seven years after I left, I am still getting requests for CVs and expressions of interest–daily. These are jobs–fulltime or contract–paying good or better than good money for the market in which their offered. Yet in Barbados, I cannot seem to get the average client to understand the value in prioritising content and their online presence. Why?

15+ years since Amazon exploded, and we in Barbados are still clinging to a plantation model of doing business that DOES NOT SERVE and survives only because of the age group of the persons who propigate it and prop it up.

What is the point in near total Internet penetration, when all we do is support facebook and twitter, and we don’t implement anything useful for our own demographics? We are doomed to failure when those old boys die off, because there will be NO OPPORTUNITY for us to play catch up.

What about the banking system? Which in 2012 STILL DOES NOT OFFER REAL TIME MERCHANT ACCOUNTS AND ONLINE PURCHASING for arbitrary reasons and with flawed reasoning? A banking system that is dictated to by the IMF and the WDB which doesn’t seem to want the niggers to play. Why is it that I STILL cannot connect my local bank account to PayPal in 2012, almost fricking 2013?!! When is the Caribbean going to get their piece of the digital pie?

What’s the point of all this damn internet, iPads and computers… a local Apple Store or two, if we’re not putting it to use for ourselves or half-doing the shit… COME ON PEOPLE! I’m tired preaching… been preaching about this since 1996 and it seems the more things change, the less people seem willing to do.

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  • Preach Hun…..the old boys and girls who don't understand still make decisions at the top level. Don't for get they are just getting iPads as a corporate perk not a revenue resource tool. They just now getting to greening economies doan fuh get, while we getting older ourselves…maybe we need to train our children….

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