*** DEAD *** I here scandalising my neighbors wid laugh. ( I wish my Dad was here…)

Step #4: Create the Emo-Christ.:

How do you keep your secret riot plan a secret? We all know even the best laid plans can be thwarted. The only way to make sure that the Negro rioting goes off with out a hitch is to have multiple plans to ensure the rioting.

Enter the Emo-Christ.

Step Four in this riot plan is DRAKE. His truncated metaphors and monotone singing was foretold. The prophesy stated that:

“One light-skinneded partial negro shall come forth and complaineth about the trappings of popularity and problems with the opposite sex all the time. Like a lot. Like—he won’t have anything else to rap-sing-eth or whatever the hell-eth you call that nonsense he’ll do all while boring all those who listen to his siren song. Seriously. He’ll really really suck…eth.” – The Apocrypha, Book of Leroy Johnson – Chapter 2 Verse 17

In an effort to bring forth the Emo-Christ the Black Power Science Lab sent a lone Negro to Canada in 1986 with the the sole purpose of fathering a half Jewish-Half Negro child. (The lone Negro wasn’t sent through time or anything like Kyle Reese in Terminator. He just drove up there after an Earth, Wind and Fire concert and started looking for a woman who would bare him the strangest Bert-looking ass child ever.)

The Emo-Christ was foretold. His eyebrows shall swallow the world.

Source: Elon James

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