Why I don’t quite believe Beyonce is betraying Black and Asian women

From: Why I believe Beyonce is betraying all black and Asian women

Beyonce’s unique, sensual beauty owed much to her racial and ethnic background.
That, it seems, was just not good enough, not even for her, a woman who has conquered the world. What hope then for all the rest?


From my comment on facebook:

Here is why I don’t quite agree with the writer: I am a red woman… and the time I spent in England where sun is like there but utterly unfeelable in any way whatsoever, it struck me one day on the tube, as I looked down at my watch and prayed to make the train to Bedwyn from Paddington, and looked over at the white woman next to me. She was ‘tanned’, and our skin tones were almost exactly the same… and I was YELLOW, PALE, UNSUNNED FOR MONTHS.

This[sic] is what I remember…. Getting up in darkness, being indoors working all day, leaving after dark, and going home. On the few minutes or hours I got to walk around in broad daylight, I could see the sun… I looked up and saw it, but it was just not ‘feelable’.

I am also decidedly the child of red people… and although her (Beyonce) father is dark, he has that ‘mixed’ look already. So the writer, while she makes some excellent points, does not seem to understand that African[sic] people produce all kinds of people… and maybe she really does just need a tan.

P.S. I notice too how the writer, chose to capitilise Asian and lower-case ‘black’. Interesting, oui?

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