Although I know many of you within Barbados (possibly the Caribbean) and who are slaves to C&W cannot access this content, I still want to share it with you. Anyone watch this one as a child? My brother and I were g.l.u.e.d. to the TV on Saturday afternoons, engrossed in this story (told cheesily, I admit) and I still remember the plot (if not all the details) very well. Fascinating that this show is being revived…

As a side note: Can I just say, that any reason whatsoever to see more Morris Chestnut on my screen is a good reason. From first time, to last time, I think that man is just delicious to the eye.

Hulu – V: Pilot – Watch the full episode now..

(2014 Update: LONG OFFLINE. Try BitTorrent, Netflix or possibly Crackle.)

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