It’s not just that I loved this album, and it was part of my steady soundtrack from April 2005 to December of the same year, and hence, part of the soundtrack leading up to Dayo’s conception.

This song in particular was one of my “keep pushing” tracks, and contributed greatly to Gorillaz still being in my Top Twenty artists on

I love the video too–as I do almost all Gorillaz videos–with all it’s little subversive touches, Noodle shaking her pen and ink little butt, and Murdock’s scary dream within a dream.


This track remains high up on my list of ‘keep pushing baby’ tracks…. I just need a new iPod now, and enough distance to travel to justify spending the money.

Right now, I am feeling the way I did that year… in fact, I am feeling the way I did the entire time before and after I got up to England, that I was where I needed to be, heading in the right direction and the breakthrough I needed was just around the corner, all I need to do now is D.A.R.E….

It’s coming up, it’s coming up…

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