Naughty Boy Getting His Mess On

I left him watching TV for two minutes to go pour a cup of coffee. When I got back, it was all I could do to grab my camera and start shooting. He did not require any moisturising for a few days.


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  • Oh, my goodness! Hee hee hee…you can tell Dayo’s kind of confused, like “Why is it so thick? It isn’t like this when you do it, mama,” when he’s looking up at you.

    When I was 3, I got into baby powder and *poofed* it all over my room and myself – when my mama woke up, she said she found a solid white room and when she cussed, a pair of blue eyes appeared in the middle of all the white. I got my ass whupped good for that one!


    He’s still such a beautiful big boy, Ndela! 🙂

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