Now all of my previous PDAs have been Palms, and I have always loved the sturdy nature of Palm devices. I was in fact, also a fan of the former Palm Os.

When Apple released the iPhone as a lover of all things Apple, I immediately started to lust for it. For a number of reasons–not the least of which is money–I have opted to hold off on an iPhone purchase.

I think this is largely because we in the Caribbean have been screwed over when it comes to telecommunications. Totally screwed over. Every option is expensive.

However, with Palm’s impending release of the Pre, which from all reports is a better product that Apple’s, but liable to be more expensive, is making me wonder if I should return to Palm’s fold or if in fact, an iPohone is a cheaper alternative.

To be honest, I really have secretly wanted someone in Apple to revive the Newton, which I have wonted for more than ten years (even an old working one for archival reasons would be delightful.) However, despite rumours of such a monumentous event, one has to find a solution.

When I was in Grenada in November, I had an opportunity to play with a client’s Blackberry Bold, and I cannot lie, it was cute. However I don’t really like the keyboard and that is always what keeps me away from the Blackberries.

What is attracting me to the Pre is it’s slide out keyboard and it’s form factor. It’s quite adorable.

So while it’s one of my goals this year to upgrade to a smart phone, the jury is still out on which one I will actually get.

Under the cut you will find some video from the Pre launch.

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