1. I love arts and crafts, but mostly embroidery, card-making and scrapbooking.
  2. I was reading university-level literature and textbooks on history and sociology before I reached secondary (high) school.
  3. I was born in Trindad & Tobago.
  4. I have read thousands of books in my lifetime, I only remember the really good ones and the really bad ones now.
  5. I am an avowed and proud former Combermerian.
  6. I am a certified guider for the Girl Guide Association of Barbados.
  7. I love the smell of paper. To this day, I always go into the pressroom of newspapers, because I love the smell of the paper and ink, and the sound of the press rolling.
  8. My father was a former soldier, and a Black Power man, who helped to lead an abortive coup against the government of Trinidad & Tobago in 1970.
  9. I write poetry.
  10. I am a member of “The Imelda Marcos Society” in Second Life (shoe addicts, our group tag is “[email protected] Shoes”.
  11. I am a die-hard, dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying, dues-paying Mac Geek.
  12. I have not bought anything from iTunes in four years.
  13. I am still missing London.
  14. I was in labour for 34 hours, but it wasn’t worse that my worst period ever.
  15. I have never been married.
  16. I believe in the right for consenting adults to choose to live their lives in the way that makes them happy, and fulfils them as human beings. This means, gay people, straight people, black and white, purple and blue, chickens and bears…. any pairing that that you can think of, except adult and child and human and animal is totally fine with me. This includes alternate lifestyles as well, piercers, tattooed, hippies, christians, muslims, rastafari, do ya ting star… get through. Love each other up!
  17. I have been celibate for three years. (By choice… HARD choice.)
  18. Is not really very impressed with fuckwittage. No, not really.
  19. I have been writing stories since I knew what the letters meant and how words make sentences.
  20. My mother is a career teacher.
  21. Thinks Obama is going to be good for America and the world, but is still cynical about politics and politicians.
  22. I am fiercely independent, but have been blessed a thousand times by those angels who have helped me along the way.
  23. Thinks any man who was raised by a single mother and disrespects women, deserves tonguelashing regularly. Any man who disrespects women needs tonguelashing. Weakling! Man up!
  24. I have learned how to be diplomatic in the face of utter and complete stupidity, but when my bitch face goes on, it can be exceedingly unpleasant.
  25. I am child of Yemoja and Osun is my foster mother. One day I will devote myself to their service.

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