I am only loosely following this campaign. Ya`ll know how I feel about politics… however, I have paid more attention since Michelle Obama`s speech at the Democratic convention, preceding her husband`s acceptance of the nomination.

I am posting this photo, because my mother brought this photo to my attention. Like her, I was struck by the love and regard on his face as his wife walked towards him.

Unlike many of the political couplings that have risen into the realm of consumption by us poor Third Worlders, these two look like whatever it is between them, is very real and not murdered by years of politicised actvity.

I am consistently suspicious of the protestations and affirmations of political wives. I look beyond the superficiality of media portrayals and see two people who have aligned themselves with each other for social reasons. Or wives that stay with husbands because of their power and how it defines their own power in the world. A prime example of this is the Clintons.

While I do not and cannot judge anyone for following ambition and seeking power, I do find myself critical of these people once they do acquire power. They quite frankly do a lot of shit. Political wives are a breed I find difficult to identify with. Here are women who have usually been betrayed so consistently by their husbands, but the stay… for reasons I understand, but really don`t respect.

At any rate, politics is like show business, if you believe the superficial then you are really not clued in to the kind of shadow games that go with politics. Even if you are, if you become ardent believers in a MAN, you will ultimately be disappointed because man will always disappoint you. Put your faith in God, not in mankind.

However, THIS photograph shows a man in love with the woman before him. Like I have said in comments to other bloggers, THAT impresses the hell out of me.

Photo Source: Zimbio

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