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Dayo’s blessing and naming ceremony was held on Sunday past. Dayo had a grand old time showing off for everyone and being the centre of attention.

The ceremony was simple and beautiful, and I was glad we waited until my sister and one of Dayo’s godparents Faizah got to Bim to do the job.

The people I chose to help me look out for him over the years, were with one exception present. For most of them, this was there first experience with an traditional African rite, so Faizah made sure to explain each step as she went through the ritual.

I was in tears most of the time.

When it was over, I gave Faizah a hand-made paper wishbox I had created for her, and she loved it.

May everyone’s good wishes take my little King through life.

You can see more photos of the beautiful day under the cut.

Dayo: Naming Ceremony

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