Got me some new hair, and new jeans apparently… surely an end to my two year fast and the four year stretch since I had it good is surely going to come to an end imminently. Surely a large penis, attached to a generous man will cause me to trip soon.

Nothing that would cause me to worry you understand. I don’t need to worry over a man. Mental release, as much as physical release is what a sister craves. Say yes! Please, please say yes!:sigh:

Sometimes you just need to feel like a sexy bitch. You lose a sense of that somewhere under the baby shit, and baby puke, seemingly endless cycles of feedings, laundry and work, work, work, and to daycare and back, and to daycare and back.

Sometimes you just need to feel like a sexy bitch, and you need your orgasm. Sometimes you just need a man to understand what a ‘slow hand’ really means.I also feel a pair of high heels coming on.

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