You know I'm going to pay you

  • You know I’m going to pay you back for this right?


    Some photos are too cute not to share. This one is among that lot. Dayo is loving his baths these days, and #160new floatable books are encouraging him to read while he’s there too. He stands with his little arms above his head, and just feels the water…

  • In the middle of Big Rock

    Dayo In The Middle Of Big Rock

    My brother’s band was rehearsing on the verandah a couple Sunday’s ago, and he had a time listening, dancing, and just being in the thick of things.

  • Monster Boy Rises Again
    Dayo @ 16 Months

    The child has another tooth coming out, so he’s gumming everything in sight. I want you to see the musckles in the child arm, oui? He fighting me to suck the little toy hammock and in between I am tickling him. My little He-Man!

  • Monster Boy Rises Again (The Sequel)
    Dayo @ 16 Months
    Actually he is singing and talking at the top of his lungs… squealing, shrieking and laughing his head off. He’s such a happy little fella…

  • Money Well Spent…
    Dayo @ 16 Months

    I looked and looked for the right one for him, and I am glad it was this one. It’s the first thing he goes to in the morning, and when he’s riding the naughty chair, you should see him look at it longingly and squirm. Sigh…

  • The window, always in the window!
    Dayo @ 16 Months
    He is addicted to the window… he macos all the time, screaming at the birds, the neighbours, at any damn thing. The neighbours all hear him, and no doubt his voice concertos pierce at 5am, because he has no respect for anyone else’s timetable but his own of course. Hence, I’ve seen almost every sunrise since the child was born.

  • Lovely dawn for you… PB180089.JPG

God is a master painter. I’m not really complaining about the dawns. They’re a wonderful way to start the day, the wonderful colours.

  • Day’s end…
    Sunset Over West Terrace

    God is a master painter. Let me reiterate. Took this after collecting Dayo from daycare, and we were trekking home. It stunned me, and am blessed my little point and shoot got a good shot.

  • It’s only propaganda…
    Dayo @ 16 Months

    Mr. Lord is a rather charismatic little fella. He’s a singing, dancing boy. Here he is, rock and rolling.

  • You funnee Mama…

    How can I stay mad with that face? And he uses his smile with amazing efficiency…. dissembles with with the most alarming skill.

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