This year has been completely

This year has been completely revolved around a lack of sleep.

I am so tired all the time, that it is awesome that I am still capable of functioning. Personally, I think the only reason that I am is because I work at home.

2007 has been the year of the nitty gritty of motherhood… shit explosions, teething, colds and daycare dilemmas and yes, the aforementioned lack of sleep.

My wish for myself in 2008, is a two-week child-free vacation, but somehow I don’t think I will get it. So I find myself adjusting my wish to something simple, like getting to sleep until 9.30 or 10.30am.

I wish for my independence to come in from wandering in the wilds. I wish for my son’s babbling to finally resolve itself into sense (the only inevitable in my wishes) and I wish for continued sustainability.

I wish above all, for calm and serenity in my life. I also wish to lose some weight, and wish for a deeply satisfying end to my two-year sexual fast.

Lastly, I wish you all, the readers of this blog, a happy, blessed and blessing 2008.

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