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(Off to work with Mami)

(Off to work with Mami)

(At work with Mami and unimpressed.)

(Joy Boy)

(Joy Boy)

(Joy Boy)

#160Joy Boy Giggles (The Teething Edition) #160
#160Originally uploaded by sungoddess?.

Ok, so the photos don’t have anything to do with his teeth really. Yet, he’s so cute and these were taken when the tooth was erupting, so I guess they apply.

Did you miss that folks? DAYO HAS A TOOTH!!!!

We found out quite by accident in fact. Mummy was holding him while I got his bath ready yesterday afternoon, and as he does he was gumming her and everything in sight. Then Mummy hollered out, “Ouch!!”

Then, “Ndela! Ndela! Do you realise Dayo has a tooth?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Yes. Come and put your finger here and you will see.”

So I did, and yes… the child has a tooth!

This morning, the tooth is even further out than yesterday afternoon.

I’ve been having these minor little crises the last week or so, lamenting my little baby turning into a big baby. I know I keep saying that before I blink the child will be in University and chasing girls and not have any time for me, but knowing and coming to grips with it is different.

Dayo is almost six months old. It boggles the mind. He’s put on not only height but serious weight in the last six weeks, and in the last six weeks he’s mastered sitting up, if not crawling, and hey presto, frakkin’ teeth!

The emergence of this tooth certainly explains his weird bowel movements of late (which my mother and I discussed and observed in a manner reserved for kings, so I am glad I had the presence of mind to name the child as I did.) It also explains the excessive drooling and the need to bite and gum everything within reach.

He’s a pretty amazing little fellow though… that tooth is coming up and he’s a little grumpy, but he’s not hollerating like some babies do, and he’s had no fever, not what I would call diarrhea or any of the other symptoms that indicate ‘teeth’. So this little tooth was just a surprise.

He’s been teething and laughing and giggling and jumping in his jumperoo with joy and abandon. Barring the slight grumpiness (which could have been merely exhaustion or hunger) you woould never know the child was cutting teeth.

My little baby! My little baby is not so little anymore. :pout:

(When the little tooth gets more visible, I shall take a photo for you guys.)

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