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#160Dayo @ 16 Weeks #160
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Ahhh…. there he is, my little charmer. He’s a laughing little Buddah-bellied baby boy. A rolling little giggler, taking the ‘joy’ part of his name to heart!

He was 15lbs at his three month check up, three weeks ago. I’m pretty sure he’s pushing about 16 – 16.5 lbs now. He’s a lot of fun, and I know I may regret saying this, but when he starts to talk he’s going to be such a little conversationalist (but in a family of verbal warriors, he should be able to hold his own). He’s already making so many sounds, experimenting with all kinds of noises (including piercing shrieks) but he’s a laughing little fella mostly.

According to this article my son is ready for solid foods. Dayo’s pediatrician recommended he start eating solids three weeks ago, during that last visit. He also got his first shots, and he was completely unfazed by it. Didn’t make a peep when the needle stuck him, didn’t have a fever and the bump didn’t seem to hurt him.

I gave him a few spoonfuls of cereal a few days out of a week, then switched to giving him some with his formula. Just a couple scoopfuls, but everytime I give it to him, wether in bottle or bowl, the child eats. When he was in the hospital, and under those lights, I have to feed him every three hours or so. The nurses made me give him Similac to make sure he didn’t get dehydrated. So in addition to breast milk, I had to give him 40ml of Similac, in a little cup (not a bottle). So see ya sister with this child (who never wanted to lie down, only to sit up when he was awake) letting him sip down the formula or expressed breast milk from this little cup. He got the hang of it, and would drink pretty much anything you gave him. So he has continued.

He’s EATING. Yet he’s not fat. He’s long, and solid, but not fat anywhere. He’s trying to stand up, he laughs out loud and scandalously all the time and talks just as loud as anyone else in the room. He rolls over from tummy to back, and back to tummy. On his tummy he’s holding up his head and turning it all around. He pushed his butt up in the air, and straightens his legs, propelling himself forward, but he’s not quite creeping yet. He sits up in the boppy, and throws himself over it, and out of it, but quite often he just sits there and watches what is going on.

He’s got his first bump in the head, but cried for all of a minute or two.

My child is sturdy… strong, bright and in an Almighty hurry. He’s got the sweetest smile, and the best laugh and just happens to be having the best time these days.

Waking up to this smile everyday makes my life worth living mates… my heart has legs and smiles at me everyday!

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