I watched the two-episode Season opener of BSG last night and this morning.

You should has seen my ass. I went to check on my torrent download, and it was down to 6 minutes, after downloading for the better part of the day. I ran around the house in a near frenzy, shouting ‘SIX MINUTES!!! SIX MINUTES!!!”

Of course, my son decided shortly thereafter than Omi was making too much noise, so he got up to play too. I had to wait for a long while until I could actually watch the thing and concentrate.

Ahhhh….. it was good.

Ronald Moore and David Eick did a good job with this season opener. Less action, but a whole heap of character development and STORY.

Of course, the critics are raving about the first two episodes of Battlestar Galactica’s Season 3. I haven’t read a bad review as yet.

My favourite moment so far is in Occupation with Starbuck’s little poke in Leoben.

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