lj-music: cricketsRight now I

lj-music: crickets

Right now I am seriously missing having the SciFi channel. The last time it was part of the line up was over two years ago in Trinidad.

The reason why I am missing Sci Fi Channel, is because right now, right this minute Battlestar Galactica’s season three premiere is being broadcast and I have no way of watching it.

I suppose I waited two years to be able to watch the show and watched them pretty much all in one shot, so I can stand to wait a little while longer… but you know, I am ITCHING.

I’m the kind of person that spoilers don’t bother. I need to know details about what happens if I can’t watch the show right now.

For the last few weeks I’ve watched the media across the board praise and laud Battlestar Galactica. I’ve been reading the all out geek loveliness that is the BSG fan communities and soaking up the anticipation of the new season. Not that I was aching for new shows since April!!!!

The press coverage has all been positive. I haven’t read one single bad review and there are almost 300 articles stored in Safari related to BSG. I am one of those fans that hopes the show comes back stronger than ever and grips the attention of the viewers, because I want to see how far it can go.

I have also been on a BSG fast. So I think one more run of the mini series and all 33 episodes will keep me satisfied until someone posts a torrent for us poor suffering masses to download. I still haven’t watched Webisode 10, and find somebody sticking with the link.

I am just waiting for the spoiler communities to just buss out the details…

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