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lj-mood: tired but happy
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I was hooked on Seasame Street until I was about 16 years old. It wasn#8217t just me, many of my teenaged friends were hooked on Sesame Street, so much so that lines from the show became a lingua franca in Barbados, at least at Combermere.

At any rate, my love for Sesame Street kind of waned after Elmo showed up. I just loathe Elmo, and the more he became the main character is the more the show lost me from its audience. It#8217s strange though, because now I am a mother, I#8217m probably going to be tortured by Elmo yet again. Drat! After successfully exorcising his annoying little voice from my mental Rolodex.


Another thing I noticed about modern-day Sesame Street, is how much it has kind of dumbed down.

What I loved about #8216classic#8217 Sesame Street was that the jokes appealed to you at one level as a child, but the older you get you appreciate the jokes because they#8217re still funny, but your sense of humour changes. I remember I read or watched some article about the show and the way it was written, and the person interviewed said that Sesame Street was written so parents and children can sit down and enjoy the show together.I totally understand what they mean.

Yet the modern Sesame Street seems less intelligent than the classic show.

Pity that#8230

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