I watched Aron Ranen’s Black Hair Documentary on YouTube yesterday, and couldn’t help thinking that Madame CJ Walker was spinning in her grave. Ranen made the same point towards the end of the documentary, and all I could do was smile grimly and be grateful that they even mentioned this phenomenal woman — you know, most people’s memory is quite short.

The documentary focuses on how South Korean businessmen are capitalising on the billions of dollars that black women spend on hair care and beauty, but are 1) shutting black business owners out of the market, and 2) not contributing so much as a nickel back into the often depressed communities they are benefitting from.

Any woman who has ever bought a single black hair care product, should watch this documentary. The whole thing is available via streaming video on YouTube.

While you’re at it, visit BOBSA

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Black Hair Documentary

Did you know that a majority of beauty hair care products aimed at African Americans are manufactured by non black manufactures? This documentary shows who is making the money in this industry.

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This was my first documentary and was done for my senior project my last semester at Virginia Commonwealth University. I was honored to be the first female to ever produce/create a documentary...

Aron Ranen's Black Hair documentary Update . PART ONE

Support this self-funded project. Purchase the Film at http://www.blackhairdvd.com $19.95.

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