Today was the day
I intended to clad myself in white
And enslave myself to a man
Who never once told me I was beautiful,
Who promised me the world in the palm
of his hand
And closed his fist as he extended it.
As my intuition began to scream
And my spirit began to retreat
I sensed dark purposes in him
But didn’t want to believe
He himself, in his arrogance
and determination to get what he wanted
Took me to the floor of the Oracle
And there I was told
In his presence
To seek my own healing and solace
And to not chain myself to
the rock of his imagination
To be beat against it
As life’s waves washed over me.
Shortly thereafter, he tried to convince me
to ignore the wisdom of the Oracle
Even as he began to prove
the Oracle right
And in a moment of violence
I saw him as he truly was
A parasite
A siphon of spirit
A spigot in the cask of my soul
A mistake
An error in judgement
So I fled into the dark of an
early morning,
Carrying new life in my belly
with no road map or direction
but free to be me,
To choose life on my own terms
and with not even the slightest regret
And not missing anything about him
until I find myself here
Eternally grateful
That today is not my wedding day.

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