I found this on Assata Speaks, and really wanted to share it.

I think if Black Men and Black Women really took this to heart, including me (with the right man of course) there would be less divisiveness among the African family in the Diaspora.

But I guess, that’s a little to Afro-centric and Pan-African… too Black Nationalist for some. I stand by them and where I found them though; these are words to pay some attention to.


1. Unselfishness and selflessness–Consciously put your loved one at the center of your heart and cultivate awareness of his/her needs. But don’t go overboard; remember to also take care of yourself.

2. Generosity–Give of yourself, sharing time, things, and emotions.

3. Acceptance–Commit yourself to patience, forbearance, tolerance, and accepting your mate not as a fantasy object–but a real person.

4. Respect–Your mate is a gateway to God and so deserves your respect, trust and support.

5. Honesty–the hard work of communication, revealing yourself, truth-telling, listening (these are big practices)–all lead to authenticity.

6. Empathy–Genuine love involves working hard to understand, and share, the feelings of your loved one. And to offer compassion and caring even for feelings you don’t “get.”

7. Play–Don’t take your love or yourself so seriously. Remember to leave room for fun, whimsy, joy and meaninglessness too.

8. Passion–True passion is not the romantic fascination we associate with teenage crushes; it’s a deep wonderment and interest in the other.

9. Mystery–Being open to not knowing, to not having it all worked out, to the discovery of being together.

10. Mission–Strengthen your bond by having some shared “mission,” purpose, direction.

From: Assata Speaks – Hands Off Assata – Let’s Get Free – Revolutionary – Pan-Africanism – Black On Purpose – Liberation – Forum

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